How to get rid of headache in 5 minutes without pills

Headache is one of the most common symptoms experienced by humans.  In fact, it is quite unusual not to have at least an occasional headache. There is nothing to worry about if you are having a headache. They are usually harmless. But sometimes it leads to extreme pain which has a very bad effect on health. There are several causes of headaches. Most common cause is tension and stress. And in severe cases it can lead to migraine, nausea, anxiety, depression etc. Headaches are divided into two main categories which are secondary headache or primary headache. They further have many other kinds.
The most common treatment of curing headache is through pain killers. In markets we can find thousands of pills which can cure our headaches in little time. These pain killers are easily available at any store. But the question is, are these pills healthy for us? Do we need to take these drugs every time we have a headache? The answer is no. Painkillers have a long term effect on our body. They might help us in getting an instant relief but they have adverse effect on our body. Drug abuse of painkillers can cause harmful effects on the brain and body of the person using the substance. Painkiller use and abuse also can affect nerve cells

There is technique called Acupressure Therapy. Acupressure is the practice of applying precise pressure, usually with fingertips, to various points on the body. This is an experimented technique which really helps as pain revealing. Acupressure is a kind of massage, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. You have to massage the different points of your body which is a very effective way of reducing your headaches without pills. By its nature, it’s a form of acupuncture and reflex-therapy, and the best thing is that it doesn’t require special medical knowledge.

Now learn how to massage acupressure points in this article

First of all take a comfortable position either sit or lay down and relax. A quiet place without any noise is preferable for this. The massage doesn’t take much time: from 30 seconds to 1 minute on average. Massage a point with light pressing or circular movements. Usually, the headache disappears during the massage or 5-10 minutes after it.

There are 6 main points to get rid of a headache through acupressure therapy:

We are showing you these points with pictures to give you a clear understanding of these points. It is important that you find the exact point to get the best results. When you do acupressure, you should try to use the right amount of pressure. Press the points with a deep, firm pressure when you stimulate the points. When you press the points, you may feel some soreness or pain, but it shouldn’t be unbearable.

This is the centre of both eye-brows or the point of the third eye. It is called Yintang and is situated exactly between the eyebrows in the place where the bridge of the nose passes into the forehead. Massage this point and apply pressure. This point is also responsible for eye fatigue removal.


These symmetrical points are located at the base of the inner edge of the eyebrows as shown in the picture. Find these points and massage of this area also relieves a runny nose and improves visual acuity. Massage for 1 minute by pressing or circular movements. You will instantly get a relieve from these conditions.
3. YING Xiang Points:

These points are located on both sides of the nostrils in line with the eyes. To find them, feel a dimple in the bottom of the cheekbones. Look at the picture to get the help to find points It helps to open sinuses, reduce headache and toothache, and relieve stress.

4. TIAN Zhu points:

The points are located in the back of the head in the middle, between the ear and the beginning of the spine. Massaging these points helps to relieve nasal congestion, pain in the eyes and ears, severe headache, and migraine. This technique is very useful and it will definitely help you headache in minimum time.

5. Shuai Gu points:

The Shuai gu points are situated 2-3 cm from the beginning of the hairline in the temple area. Feel a small dimple to find this point. Pressure applied to this area relieves pain in the temporal region and eye fatigue.

6. He gu points:

These symmetrical points are located on the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger. Pressure applied to this area also relieves back pain, toothache, and tension in the neck muscles.
You should not try to endure any pain during acupressure. If something feels so painful that it’s uncomfortable or excruciating, then stop applying pressure

Benefits of Acupressure massage therapy:

This is an ancient technique which not only helps with headaches but also helps human body in so many other ways. This helps not only adults but people of all age. Most important you can avoid taking different pills and cure your headache in a natural way. This therapy also helps in relieving stress and reduces depression. It can help in improving sleep. The therapy stimulates the body’s circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems. It also helps the function of the immune system and the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

So, its time you through away all the pain killers and do not worry if you are having a severe headache. Just try these techniques we told you and get rid of the pain instantly.