Put A Glass Of Water, Salt And Vinegar In A Room…Wait 24 Hours You’ll Be Amazed What Happens!

 How to detect negative energies with a glass of water.

Get a transparent glass of water without drawings, color, and cut. keep in mind you cannot reuse it again.
Covers 1/3 of the cup with salt sea.
Fill 2/3 of the cup with white vinegar or apple cider organic.
Cover the remaining third with pure water.
Put the glass in the room where you think that the negative energies are
Wait 24 hrs and look to see what color the water is. It is important that not move the glass.
If it’s still clear, then the energy in the room should be good. Move the glass to another room and repeat the procedure.
If you notice that the glass change color, then you need to make a clean energy with clean glass, adding salt, water and vinegar and water, repeat the procedure until the water is clear, this will be a sign that the room is clean of negative energy..