Dad Hilariously Video Bombs Daughters’ Dance

Some may say that dads were put on this Earth simply to embarrass us in any way the possibly can at times. Whether it’s a first date, a telling a corny joke to your friends, or making a surprise guest appearance in your homemade “Whip/Nae Nae” video debut, it can also be pretty entertaining at times.

As father of two, Mike Jones decided to creep into the background of his daughters’ video as they mimic the moves of the hit song. Sneaking in with a finger to his lips, he breaks in dancing without the girls even noticing.

The girls may have thought the dance floor was all theirs, their dad proved otherwise in this hilarious clip showing just why he is such a great dad. As he has an entire minute and 15 seconds to show off his moves before his girls notice, their yelling “Daddy!” only managed to make the entire ending that much funnier as you can see their embarrassment on their faces.

This awesome video bomb gives one dancing, stanky-leg dad our self-proclaimed father of the year award. Great job dad!