3-Ingredient Ice Melt You Can Make at Home

There are 3 ingredients for making this ice melt solution:
1.  lukewarm water
2.  Three drops of dish washing detergent
3.  One ounce of rubbing alcohol
Just mix and pour into a spray container for easy application!

-Fill a gallon jug with warm water. 
You will want to fill the container half way for a total of 1/2 gallon of warm water. Don’t worry about making the water very hot. It should still be cool enough to handle.
-Add dish soap.
Using whatever liquid dish soap you have handy, squeeze six drops of dish soap into the gallon jug. Gently roll your wrist to mix the soap into the water without making it foam.
-Finish the mixture with rubbing alcohol. 
Measure out 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol. You can use an alcohol jigger for an accurate measurement. Add these two ounces of rubbing alcohol to the gallon jug.
-Pour the mixture onto the ice. 
While the water is still warm, pour it generously over the ice which you would like to remove. The solution will break down the ice and make it easier to shovel.