DIY Fairy Lantern Tutorial

If you’re looking for a project to decorate your home easily, effectively, and quickly, this Mason Jar Fairy Lantern is so stunning, especially when the battery-powered tea light candle is on and all the other lights in the house are off. Simply by adding cute fairy cutouts and dressing up an average mason jar with glitter, you can create the perfect lantern for your home or patio. 
With so many different shapes and sizes of mason jars, you can really make this project your own. You could even use different types of flowers or berries to dress up the jars. Basically, you have the power to make your home feel magical, no matter the jar embellishments you decide to use. The power is in your hands!

Unlike many DIY projects, you also have the ability to easily find all of the materials you need with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, making this a fun project you could even do with the kids. You can find your own fairy cutouts here in varying shapes and sizes, and more details about this project here. Then, you can use any glitter, twine, or floral embellishments you have already around the house!

What are you waiting for?! Get started on a fun and creative craft today!
Here’s the video…Enjoy!

DIY Fairy Lantern Tutorial DIY Fairy Lantern Tutorial Reviewed by Justin Jamil on 14:14 Rating: 5
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