How to make owl cakes

1. For the sponge mix:
- 375 g flour;
- 375 g caster sugar;
- 375 g margarine;
- 6 eggs;
- half tablespoon of vanilla extract.
2. For the filling: 2 tablespoons of strawberry jam (or one of your own choice).
3. For the base coat of icing:
- 200 g icing sugar;
- 125 g softened butter;
- 50 g cocoa powder.
4. For the decoration:
- 1 kg of ready to be rolled icing;
- brown food colouring;
- 500 g of ready to be rolled green icing and other ones of your choice: some white,black, blue and orange
- a round cake drum.
5. Tools needed: round pans and other kitchen utensils and bowls.
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