Delicious Oreo Dessert _ DIY

Oreo Dessert
Everyone loves Oreos and now you can be inventive and create something new and interesting from them. Inspired by Scary Mommy, this recipe will help you to make a lovely dessert for your family and friends.
You will need:
- Oreos: 1 package;
- Butter: ½ stick;
- Cream cheese: one 8 ounce p kg;
- Vanilla instant pudding: 1 package;
- Cool whip: one 8 ounce container;
- Milk: 3 cups;
- Sugar: 1 cup.
Procedure: Break Oreos into medium pieces and place more than a half of them in a pan. Melt the butter and pour over Oreos. Make a mix from pudding, Cream cheese, milk and sugar. Then fold in cool whip and spread over Oreos. The rest of Oreos will make the top, so sprinkle them over mix. It is recommended to cool before serving. Enjoy!
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