Loveswept Solid Perfume

Loveswept Solid Perfume

Solid Perfume Tutorial SuppliesSUPPLIES NEEDED

  • 2 tablespoons almond oil
  • 2 tablespoons beeswax
  • 2-4 drops jasmine essential oil (Note: I find it impossible to get exactly ’2 drops’ but don’t stress. Just go slow because some oils, like clove, will quickly overpower.)
  • 2 drops clove essential oil
  • 2 drops vanilla extract
  • Clean containers. The cute conversation hearts are from Michaels.

How to make solid perfumeHow to make solid perfume

*Pour the oil into a small container. (I infused my almond oil with dried lavender awhile back if you’re wondering what those little pieces are. I don’t think it added much to the scent.) Then adds the essential oils – slowly! – And stir together.
Romantic Solid Perfume Romantic Solid Perfume

*Slowly heat the beeswax in a double broiler. When completely melted, combine it with the oil and quickly transfer to a clean container.
*Let the mixture sit until it hardens – you can put it in the freezer to speed things up. To apply, rub with your finger to soften slightly and apply to skin.
Loveswept Solid Perfume
Romantic Almond Oil Lotion Bars
Loveswept Solid Perfume + Lotion Bar
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