DIY Heart Tote Bag

Easy Heart Tote DIY Heart Tote Bag
Making these bags are easy. To make one all you will need is one canvas tote bag, fabric paint (I used the kind with glitter for extra oomph), a thick heart template – I cut a heart out of a cereal box, and a pencil with a new eraser. If you don’t have a pencil (GASP – the horror) you can use a Q-tip. 
Easy DIY Tote bag from Clumsy Crafter  499x1024 DIY Heart Tote Bag
 To start simply lay the heart in the middle of the tote bag. I actually secured it to the bag using two loops of Washi tape on the backside of the heart but this is totally optional. I knew my kids would be at the table “helping” me so I did it to keep the heart from getting moved by precious little hands when I wasn’t looking. 
Dip the eraser into to the paint and start on the edge of the heart, pressing the pencil eraser straight down on the tote bag. Continue making several prints with the eraser, going further away from the heart and pressing harder until you are out of paint. Repeat this step and go all the way around the heart. 
pencil craft heart DIY Heart Tote Bag
Let your bag dry, which should not take long at all, and you are ready to go! 
DIY heart tote bag for Valentines Day DIY Heart Tote Bag
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