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It just takes 
1 - 6" square of fabric
 for one apron...
and 2 - 1 1/2"x 3 1/2" 
 for the pockets.

All you will need to make 4 aprons are...
2 - 10" squares of fabric that coordinate
4 yards of 1/4" bias tape (double fold)
Thread to match bias tape.
I think this is a great way to 
use up leftover 10" squares:)

I like to trace my aprons and pockets
 onto freezer paper and iron them 
onto the fabric so that 
I don't need to use pins.
I think sometimes the pins can 
distort small fabric pieces
 and this way I can get a
 more accurate cut.

Cut 2 aprons and 4 pockets 
out of one square and peel off
 the freezer paper...

Iron the freezer paper patterns
 onto the other square and
 cut out two more aprons 
and 4 more pockets.

Each apron uses one yard of bias tape.

Now you're ready to roll!
Using one yard of the bias tape...
cut a 2" long piece...
a 10" long piece...
and fold the remaining in half and
 place a pin in the center.

*NOTE - When sewing with double folded 
bias tape, use matching thread an
 remember that the shorter side of 
the fold always goes on the top.

Step 1:
Fold the 2" piece over the top of the apron. You won't need to pin...
just go ahead and top stitch into place
 about 1/8" from the edge of the bias tape.
No backstitching needed at this point.
Step 2:
Fold the 10" piece of bias tape around the bottom curved edge of the apron.
Topstitch into place. 
Again, do not add bulk by backstitching.

Trim the ends of the bias tape even with the edges of the apron.

Step 3:
Pin the remaining piece of bias tape
 onto the top side and bottom side corners
 of apron...folding it around the
 inside curves when pinning.
Leave a loop long enough at the top
 for the neck of the apron.
(refer to the download pattern to see
 how big to make the loop)

Now go ahead and topstitch the bias tape together starting at the end of the 
left apron tie and continue stitching.

 When you reach each pin...remove it and continue stitching the bias tape to the inside curves of the apron...continue on stitching the neck...then the next inside curve and on until you reach the end of the right apron tie.
Don't forget to backstitch at the beginning 
and end of each tie.

Finished apron without pockets:)

Now for the pockets...
Press each pocket in half with
 right sides together.
 It should now measure 1 1/2" x 1 3/4".
Press about 1/4" under the 3 raw edges 
leaving the folded edge for the 
top of the pocket.

Pin the pockets onto the apron front
 and topstitch into place...leaving the top folded edge of pocket unstitched.

Use your stylus or small pointy scissors
 to keep the seam allowances turned under
 while stitching.
Don't forget to backstitch!

Completed apron with pockets:)

Now tie it on your soda or water bottle and place a straw in one of the pockets!

In the other pocket you could put a love note...or a cute little candy...or their name for a place setting:)
I have done that for a luncheons.

You could make the pockets a little larger to hold what you want...I've done that too!

And 3 makes a party!!!

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